How do I change the status of my property?

Property Status options are intended to help with organizing your properties. If you manage your own properties exclusively, then select the "Owner-managed" option, which is also the default if nothing is selected.

If you are a property manager who manages other people's properties, you can sort your property list by those that are "Active" (which have current agreements in place) and those that are "Non-active" (which you might not be managing at some time in the future, e.g. property for sale).

If a property is no longer being managed, you can select the "Archive" button. The property and any related information will then be archived.

If you would like to change the status of your property, open "Portfolio" page, "Properties" sub-page from the left side menu and click "View" for the property which status you would like to edit:

Select "Edit Property" from the three-dot menu. In the "Property Status" section, select the desired property status:

Scroll down to the end of the page and press "Update" to complete the process and save your changes:



Last updated:
Mar. 26, 2024