How do I approve or decline the applicants?

In order to approve or decline applicants, go to the "Applications" page on the left side menu of your dashboard. Here you will find a list of all rental applications you have added. You can change the filter criteria by clicking the display link in the top right corner. 

You can approve or decline an applicant from the application card directly by selecting the needed option from the three-dot menu:

Or press "View application" and then from the three-dot menu approve or decline the application.

Please note!
Some options are not available to be selected, depending on the status of the application. For example, if the status is “New” you can decline, approve, and put the application into review status. Such options as “Delete”“Request Information”, and “Move In Applicant” will not be active.

Once you click “Approve application”, the system will automatically create a tenant contact for you, and you can move them in right from the application. If you decide to decline the applicant, you must provide the decline reason before the option to delete the application will become active:



Last updated

July 1, 2022