How do I accept a connection request from a landlord?

The connection request is required if you want to receive the maintenance requests and payments from the Landlord/Property Manager within our platform. You can not establish the connection without the invitation from the Landlord/Property Manager.

After a landlord has sent you a connection request, you will receive the invitation email and the invitation will appear in your Feed  Notifications. Click on the "Accept" button to continue:

Now when you see the connection invitation, you have two options:
1. Create a new contact in your client book
2. Link information to an existing contact in your client book

Please note! 
When you link the Landlord/Property Manager to an existing client, the Client Profile will be updated and all of the maintenance requests and related transactions of the existing client will be linked as well.

To accept a connection click on the "Connect" with the landlord button. Confirm your choice.



Last updated:
Apr. 11, 2024