How do I cancel or pause my subscription plan?

Cancel subscription

We're sorry to hear you've decided to cancel your subscription. We'd love to know how we can improve or just to hear about your experience. You can submit a ticket sharing your feedback and/or suggestions. We'd appreciate it a lot!

You can end your subscription at any time. When you cancel your subscription, charges will stop immediately.

Please note! If you cancel your subscription plan, your account will be canceled along with it.

To cancel your subscription plan, click on your profile icon and go to the main Settings menu from your dashboard, then choose "My plan" in the "Subscription" section:

Then click the three dots Actions menu in the upper-right corner and choose the "Cancel Subscription" option to end your subscription.

You may consider to export the account data before canceling your plan. Then, select the reason why you decided to terminate the account.

When canceling your subscription, you will be able to choose when to end the subscription: Immediately, or At the end of the period. Enter your password and confirm your actions.

Please note!
After cancellation, we will keep your data on our database for 90 days before permanent deletion due to security reasons.

Please note!
Once you submit a request for cancellation, no additional charges will be made. However, no refunds (prorated or otherwise) are provided upon cancellation. In the interest of fairness to all of our clients, no exceptions will be made.

To cancel your Business Plan you will have to fill “Cancelation Inquiry” form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to assist with this matter. 

In addition, you cannot downgrade to the Starter plan if there is an outstanding balance on your account. For help with this, please contact our support team.


Pause subscription

Alternatively, you can also pause an existing subscription for 90 days. Once you are ready to resume it, click Resume. If you don’t resume the subscription in 90 days, it will be resumed automatically.

Please note!
Pausing your subscription won’t refund past payments, but will stop all of the future payments for 90 days. You won’t be able to access your account and your information during this time.


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Last updated:
Mar. 21, 2024