How do I send the request for review to a landlord?

To resolve the maintenance request that was created by a Landlord, you will want to select the status “In review” and send them the request for review first. Once you do that, the Landlord will be able to resolve a maintenance request on their end.

To do so, go to the "Requests" page from your left-side menu and click "View" on the required one:

Change the status to "In review":

Then you will see a pop-up where you will want to enter the required information. In the Dates & labor section, you will want to enter the start and end dates of the request, as well as the time, spent on it:

In the Supplies & Materials section, you can add materials that were used. The information will be auto-filled if you have already added materials when creating or editing the maintenance request:

You will also want to select whether the keys were returned and add a comment to the request.

Please note! The comment can be added as a private one. In this case, it will be added to the Timeline only. You are welcome to share the comment on the Messenger channel.

Once you do that, click on the “send for review“ button:

You may also easily send the request for review to a landlord from the “Requests Board” page by dragging & dropping a request:

You will see the same pop-up:

Please note! The Requests board is available from the Starter subscription plan.

Once the Landlord reviews this request and changes the status to Resolved, you will find this request in the Resolved column on your Requests board or in the list of Requests:



Last updated:
Apr. 12, 2024