How do I edit profile settings?

You can easily change your profile information and adjust the account settings. To change it, please click on your profile picture and select the Settings option:

Go to Account Settings:

On the Profile tab, there are a few sections you can view and edit separately. In the Profile details, you can change the name, add and display your account name as a company. Once you have made some changes, be sure to press the "Update" button to save them:

There is also an option to add, change or remove the profile photo:

Scroll a bit down and you will be able to change the email address and/or password:

You can also customize some Additional settings of your account like time zone, currency, time and date format, and measurement system, and country. Press the Update button to save changes:

At the bottom of the page, you can delete the account. Please note! You will be able to remove your account after 90 days from the last time you transferred the funds or made an online payment. 

On the Security tab, you are able to enable/disable the Two-Factor Authorization and track all login sessions:

Please note!
Each section has its own update button and it’s active once you update any info.


Last updated:
Apr. 8, 2024