How does the potential tenant apply to a property?

To receive an application from a potential tenant, you need to list your property first. Once the unit is listed, in the unit view you will see multiple options (email, Twitter, Facebook) for sending that listing directly to a potential tenant:

No matter what option was selected, once your applicant has clicked the link they will see the listing. The tenant should press the "Apply to the listing" button to continue the application process. A user account is required to be able to complete the rental application and submit it online.

Once a tenant has logged in (completed the account creation process) they will be redirected to the Rental Application. The application template can be set in the Rental Application settings of the Landlord account. If you require to pay the application fee, an applicant will be redirected to the checkout page. 

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Once an applicant has filled out all the required fields and paid the fee (if applicable), the rental application will have the ''Submitted'' status on the Tenant portal and ''New'' on the Landlord/PM portal.


Last updated:
March 21, 2024