How do I add roommates that pay individually?

When two or more roommates pay invoices individually, you may add new roommates to the existing lease anytime and divide the rent payment and other lease transactions between your tenants with their exact portions.

You can add or replace a roommate to leases with active and signature/insurance pending statuses. To add one more roommate to the lease, click the View link on the needed lease, select Edit from the Actions, and add the co-tenant on the Property and Tenants step of the move in process:

The following link might be helpful:
How do I edit a lease?

Please note: You cannot change the Invoicing type from "Paying individually" to "Paying jointly" and vice versa.

On the Lease Transactions step, you can split the rent, deposit, and other lease transactions between the roommates. Each tenant will only see the invoice with their portion of the payment and will be responsible for it:

Please note! 

Once the roommate is added to the active lease, the next rent invoice and other lease transactions will be posted with the next scheduled invoice and will be already divided between the number of tenants you added. Each tenant will receive their exact split amount and can make a partial payment if you have that setting enabled.

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How to enable/disable partial online payments option?

Late fees will be calculated for each roommate individually per their portion of the rent:

On the Insurance step, you can request Renters insurance from a particular tenant or all tenants.

You can require the E-Signature from your tenants on the last Agreement & Signature step of the move-in process. Check the toggle on those tenants from whom you require e-signature and click "Send to sign" to complete the process.

Please note!

Once the roommate is added to the active lease, then the tenant will receive a notification that a new lease has been shared. 


Last updated:
Mar. 27, 2024