How do I add roommates that pay jointly?

You are welcome to create a lease where tenants will be collectively responsible for the whole rent and other invoices. All of your tenants will see the same lease and lease transactions. The tenants can make partial payments, or one tenant can pay the whole invoice amount. 

To create a lease, go to "Contacts" on the left-side menu of your dashboard and choose a tenant from the "No lease" list:

Click on the "Move in" button on the necessary tenant:

Select the desired tenants from the drop-down and choose the invoicing type as Tenants pay jointly:

Please note! Once the lease is created, you cannot change the Invoicing type from "Paying jointly" to "Paying individually".

You can also add or replace a roommate on leases with the active and signature/insurance pending statuses. To add one more roommate to the lease, you will need to edit the lease by navigating to Leases tab > view > Actions (three dots) > edit and add the co-tenant on the Property&Tenants step of the move-in process:

Please note! Once you have added a roommate to the existing lease, please make sure that you have updated all lease steps to save the changes.

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Last updated:
May 11, 2023