Which set of tax details will be used on my 1099 tax form?

For accounts that are set up as US Companies, our payment processor will use the business tax details except when they are set up as a single member LLC / sole proprietorship, in which case the processor will use the owner’s personal tax details. This aligns with IRS expectations to see personal tax details on the tax forms of these types of business structures. For Individuals, our payment processor will use the personal tax details. For additional information, please see the IRS website.

The table below shows which set of tax details Stripe will use for 1099-K tax reporting.

Please contact us if you would like to file income tax returns using the name and EIN of your business.


This article is neither legal advice nor tax advice. We recommend that you speak to your tax advisor with any questions or concerns about tax reporting.

Last updated:
Jan. 5, 2024