I don’t see a tax form

If you don’t see a tax form, there are several reasons why this may be happening:

  • Our platform did not file a form for you.
    • If you believe you are missing a form, either for current or prior years, reach out to our customer support to confirm whether or not you should have received a 1099 tax form for that year.
  • Our platform hasn’t filed and delivered your form yet.
    • Stripe recommends platforms file tax forms by January 25, 2024. After our platform has filed your 1099 tax form with the tax authorities, you’ll be notified via email that your tax form is available to view and download in settings. Reach out to our customer support if you're unclear about whether or not you'll receive a 1099 tax form.
  • You earned less than the threshold for your form type.*
  • You haven’t opted into paperless delivery yet.
    • If you have not agreed to paperless delivery, you will not be able to access your 1099 tax form through the platform. To consent for paperless delivery and receive your tax form, please log in to your account and follow the prompts on the Tax Form page.
      • If you would also like to receive a paper copy of your 1099 tax form, you should reach out to our customer support for assistance.
  • Our platform doesn’t have the correct information for you or your account type is unsupported.
    • It’s possible that the email address you’ve provided is incorrect, missing, or unable to receive email. Please reach out to our customer support to have your email updated.
    • Your account might also be set up so multiple users are sharing the same account or the same email address is being used on more than 20 accounts, which is not supported. In these instances, please reach out to our customer support.


This article is neither legal advice nor tax advice. We recommend that you speak to your tax advisor with any questions or concerns about tax reporting.

Last updated:
Jan. 5, 2024