Why is the "Withdraw" button inactive?

According to the affiliate program terms & conditions, you are able to withdraw the reward from your balance only when you reach the amount of $50. Until then, the "Withdraw" button will remain inactive. 

Once you reach $50, you can withdraw funds from your Affiliate Program balance to your Stripe account:

Please note! 
You must activate Stripe payment method first in order to withdraw funds.

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The "Withdraw funds” section displays the balance with the amount you have earned for the referrals that have subscribed. You will receive earned bonus/commission to your Affiliate Program balance in the following cases:

  • Once you have activated the Affiliate Program you receive a $9 bonus to the Affiliate Program balance;
  • When the referral subscribes to the plan. In this case, the commission is equal to the monthly plan price:

For Landlords:
Starter - $17
Growth - $32
Pro - $55
Business - custom pricing (from $75 to $100)

For Service Pros:
Starter - $45

You are welcome to keep track of all your invited/signed up/qualified referrals in the "Referrals" tab:




Last updated:
Apr. 18, 2024