How do I create my business profile?

The Business Profile is your portfolio website to display information on your business and specific projects. Potential customers can contact you directly through the Contact Us form. You can also allow people to contact you via phone, email, and social media.

You can create your Business Profile for the first time while completing the onboarding process, or you may skip this step and set it up later:

Once you are ready to create your Business Profile, you can accomplish this in two ways:

1) Click on the “Activate“ button on the Business Profile section on your Dashboard to be redirected to Business Profile Settings.

2) Go to the “Settings“ menu and select “Business Profile“.

On the “Business Profile“ tab, you can fill in your contact information, enter your business address, specify the services you provide, upload the cover photo along with your custom logo, and add other information that will be shown on your profile:

After you enter all needed information, please switch to the “Job Preferences“ tab and enable the “Activate business profile“ to publish your business profile. Additionally, you can enter the desired address for your profile and visit it by clicking on the respective button:

You will see your contact info, business name, and the list of professional services you provide:

The “Job Preferences“ tab also allows you to enable the “Open to jobs“ toggle and add ZIP codes of the areas you service. These steps are required if you’d like to use our platform’s “Find a job“ functionality.

You can update the information in your business profile at any time by editing your profile from either the dashboard or Settings menu:
How do I edit my business profile?

Now potential customers can visit your website and contact you to conduct business :)


Last updated:
Apr. 11, 2024