How do I filter my units?

In order to filter your units, please, go to the “Portfolio” page from the left-side menu of your dashboard and select the "Units" sub-page. All units are displayed on this page by default. Click on the "Display" filter at the top of the page if you would like to view "Occupied" or "Vacant" units and apply:

Using the "Search" icon you can search the required unit by:

  • Property name;
  • Unit number
  • Unit address;
  • MLS# (Multiple Listing System number).

You can also filter units by:

  • Property name;
  • Unit type (room, apartment, duplex, townhouse, condo, commercial, storage, parking space, triplex, suite, mobile home);
  • Marketing status (listed, unlisted).

Click on the unit if you would like to view unit details or add/edit information. In order to list the unit or move in your tenants to the unit, select “List” or “Move in”:



Last updated:
May 31, 2024