How do I view Maintenance Requests?

Your property managers can automatically share maintenance requests submitted by tenants or manually created by them.

To view shared maintenance requests, go to the "Maintenance" page on the left menu of your dashboard. Click on the "view" link to see maintenance request details:

Click on the "view" link to see maintenance request details:

Please note that you can print or download the request. Press the "Print" button from the request window or the three dots menu. After that, the PDF of your request will be shown in a new tab, which you may print or download.

Also, your property managers can request to approve repair costs. 

This might be helpful:
How do I approve or decline bids for maintenance requests?

To find the request, you can use the Filter option. It will allow you to check the requests based on the Property & Unit and Approval status. You can also use a Search option to find the request by its title, number, or property name.



Last updated:
May 12, 2023