How do I manage uploaded files?

All your files are now saved automatically to the File Manager which can be found in the Settings section of your account. It will allow you to see any files saved in one convenient location. It also has an array of features that can help you to manage your files, such as downloading, deleting, and arranging. There is 512 MB of usable space in your File Manager section.

Accessing the File Manager

Click on the "File Manager" icon on the left side of your account. Here you will see All Files but you can also sort the list to see Images, Documents, or Videos separately by clicking on the respective tabs:

By default, you will see the latest files first. You can easily change the sort order by clicking on the arrows button and the system will show the earliest files first:

Also, you can look for the needed file in the list by clicking the Search button:

Next to each file, you will see the three-dot menu. There you can Download, Edit Name, Preview, or Delete the file by selecting one of these options from the context menu according to your needs:

Note! You cannot delete the files with the exclamation mark icon next to them.

In order to operate files in bulk, check the desired ones and select an option from the Actions Dots menu and Download, Preview, or Delete the files in bulk:



Last Updated:
Apr. 10, 2024