How do I delete my account? | Landlord

We are sorry to hear you decided to leave our friendly community. Of course, if you decide in the future that you want to come back again, please do not hesitate. We would love to know how we can improve or just to hear about your experience.

To proceed with the deletion, please click on your profile picture, select Settings option and choose "Profile" under "Account Settings."

Then scroll down a bit and click on the "Delete account" button:

Please note:
Once you delete it, you cannot access your account or any of your information. All account details will be deleted permanently. You can export your data first.

The following link might be useful:
How do I export my account data?

Select the reason why you decided to quit using our system. Your feedback will help us to improve the quality of the product experience.

Enter your password and confirm the deletion. If you signed up using a social media account, enter the word "Delete" instead of the password to confirm the removal of the account.

Please note:
The software is legally required or entitled to retain some types of data, such as transaction history. This is done in line with applicable laws for tax, accounting, and fraud prevention purposes.




Last updated:
Mar. 19, 2024