How do I delete an invoice?

In order to delete a transaction, open the Accounting page and "Transactions" sub-page on your left side menu and click on the transaction you would like to delete:

Choose the "Delete" option from the Actions (three dots) menu located in the upper right corner of the page. Press the "Confirm" button to delete the invoice:

Please note
This action cannot be undone. Make sure you delete the correct transaction, as you will not be able to restore it. 

If you would like to delete multiple invoices at once, you will want to go to the Accounting menu -> Invoices and click on Money In or Money Out (depending on whether the invoices you wish to remove belong to income or expenses). Select the Bulk Payments option from the drop-down.

Now, you're welcome to select the Payer/Payee and the Lease in the corresponding fields and place a checkmark on the invoices, which have to be deleted. Once you're ready with that, click on Actions > Delete. Confirm your action in the next window that shows up.

You can delete income, expense, and liability invoices that were marked as paid manually with the following statuses:

  • Open (Overdue)
  • Partial
  • Paid
  • Void
  • Waived

You cannot delete income, expense, and liability invoices that were paid online with the following online statuses:

  • Partial
  • Pending
  • Paid
  • Failed
  • Waived

With a canceled online status, you can delete income and liability invoices, but you cannot delete expense invoices.


Last updated:
Jul. 11, 2024