What does my tenant see?

The software allows tenants and applicants to apply online, fill in their reusable renter profile and personal rental data, and store necessary documents.

Every registered tenant at the system has their own unique login and password which allows them to log in to their personal dashboard and connect with their landlord/property manager (see below). 

If you don't want your tenants to have a Tenant Portal (if you just want to add their data to your account without connecting to them), do not send them an invitation to connect in regard to the lease. In this case, they will not get any notification via email.

This might be helpful:
How do I connect with a tenant?

If you have connected your tenant and did not share a lease with them, your tenant can see only their own portal information and can send you messages/files via Messenger.

Also, tenants can apply online if you enabled your Landlord Website. In this case, a tenant will see the submitted rental application, the status change, and your edits, if you make any. The rental application timeline is private, and only landlords/property managers can see it and add records.

If you have connected your tenant and shared a lease with them, your tenant can see the lease information, lease public attachments, lease transactions (one-time and recurring), and any maintenance requests linked to the leased rental, if you shared those with the tenant.

You can set up a test Tenant Portal to check its functionality and all related processes.


Last updated:
Mar. 25, 2024