How do I edit my account preferences?

You can easily change your profile information and adjust your account settings. First, go to the main "Settings" menu. Select the "Profile" tab:

Here you can find the sections that you can view and edit separately. In the Profile details, you can change the name as well as add and display your account name as a company. Once you have made some changes, be sure to press the "Update" button to save them. On this tab, you can also change your email and password, customize additional settings of your profile (time zone, currency, date and time format, measurement), and delete your account.

Please note! If you delete your account, all of the information related to it will be permanently removed from the system.

To adjust the two-factor authentication settings, open the "Security" tab. On this tab, you can also track the login sections and complete the ID verification.

If you select the "Integrations" tab, here you can connect to Google Calendar Synchronization so you can stay on top of work and never miss anything.



Last updated:
Apr. 12, 2024