What should I do if it is unable to debit from or deposit into my bank account?

Online Payments is powered by Stripe. To allow to debit from or deposit into your (or your customer's) account on your behalf, ACH company IDs must be provided to the bank to ensure ACH transactions will be processed.

In some cases, a debit that is attempted on such an account without providing ACH company IDs will result in an unexpected dispute. When this happens, the bank account may also become blocked for use.

ACH company IDs
Stripe uses two company IDs to collect ACH debits and send ACH deposits on behalf of all users.

1800948598 - Stripe Payments Company

4270465600 - Stripe Payments Company

Allowing Stripe ACH debits and deposits
To minimize potential for disputes and declined payments due to unauthorization failures, we recommend you do the following:

Provide Stripe ACH company ID numbers to your (or your customer’s) bank.

If the bank account was blocked due to a denied ACH debit, contact our customer support and request for the bank account to be unblocked.

Re-attempt any failed payments once unblocked.



Last updated:
Jun. 6, 2023