How do I filter rental applications?

In order to filter your rental applications, go to the Applications section from the left-side menu of your dashboard.

The Applications page shows all applicants in grid view by default.

You may also switch to list view:

The DISPLAY option allows you to view:

  • all applications
  • new applications
  • pending applications (including statuses: info requested, updated, accepted, fee requested, screening pending/in process, screening ready, in review)
  • approved (including statuses: approved, moved in)
  • declined
  • archived

New rental applications are displayed by default on the page.

The Search option located above allows searching by applicant's first/last name as well as by the applicant's email.

The Filter option provides a more advanced way of searching applications. 

Please note!
Different application statuses (new, pending, approved, etc.) may have a different set of filter options. 

The Listing filter allows you to search applications by properties and units.

The Status filter is available for All and Pending applications and allows you to search the applications by status:

  • new (all)
  • approved (all)
  • declined (all)
  • archived (all)
  • information requested (all, pending)
  • updated (all, pending)
  • in review (all, pending)
  • fee requested (all, pending)

Use the Screening Status filter to view applications with screening reports:

  • pending
  • in progress
  • ready

The Application Type filter helps you to track offline and online rentals.

To see the newest or the oldest applications use the Order by time submitted filter.


Last updated: 
May 25, 2023