How do I view the list of all recurring transactions?

The Recurring Page gives you the ability to easily view, manage, and track all recurring transactions, their statuses, and their schedules. The Recurring Page is located in the general Accounting Menu:

By default, the Recurring Page shows you a list of all active recurring transactions sorted by date of creation. Other statuses are ended and the future depends on the start and end date.

In order to create a recurring invoice, click on "+ Money In/ - Money Out" and add invoices in a regular way by entering an amount, category, frequency, start date, and end date:

Once the recurring invoicing has been created, you can view it by opening the invoice details. Click the "Post next invoice" button if you need to initiate the next invoice in advance:

Recurring transactions, excluding those required by the lease, can be removed and/or ended on the Recurring Page:



Last updated:
May 16, 2024