How do I set the number of days early to post the recurring transactions?

You have complete control over when recurring invoices are sent. You can easily set the default number of days early to post recurring transactions (before the invoice due date). To do so please click on your profile picture and select the Settings option. Next, select “Invoices & Late Fee” from the Accounting Settings section:

Here you may choose the preferred number of days from the drop-down list in the "Recurring Invoice Settings" section, to save the changes press the “Update” button:

The system will now post the recurring invoice with the specified number of days prior to the due date. For example, if you selected five days and the due date is the 1st of April, the invoice will be posted on the 27th of March. 

If you want your recurring transactions to be posted right on the due date and no earlier, select the "Same day" option from the list and the system will post recurring invoices on the due date each month.

For example, if you selected the "Same day" option and the invoice due date is the 1st of April, the invoice will be posted on that same day. Don't forget to press "Update" to save your changes.

Please note! For leases set to month-to-month, the recurring invoice will only publish at a max of 28 days early.



Last updated:
Mar. 21, 2024