How do I un-assign/remove a key from a property?

The software offers a Keys & Lock Management Tool which helps you to keep track of the keys and locks you add to the unit or property. 

Each subscription plan allows you to add a different number of keys, learn more here: How do I add keys, door, paint, flooring to a property?

There are three options for how you can unassign/remove a key from a property.

1. To unassign a key from a property, go to the "Keys & Locks" page from Portfolio from the left-side menu and click “View key” on the desired key:

Select "Edit" from the Three-dot menu and unassign a key via the “Property“ field. Then press "Update" to complete the process:

Or simply click on the “Delete” button from the Three-dot menu of the desired key and confirm your choice:

Please note! This action will permanently remove a key from the list.

2. On the key profile, press the “Unassign” button at the top of the page and confirm your choice.

3. Go to Properties from "Portfolio" on the left side of your Dashboard and click onView”:

Select the Specs tab and click on the Delete icon on the key you want to unassign.

Click on “Unassign” to save the changes:

Please note!
In the Specs tab, you can also edit or remove paint, door, flooring records by simply hovering on a specific record.


Last updated:
Mar. 26, 2024