Bank connection security

When it comes to financial data security is of the highest importance and priority. The bank connection security is ensured by our partner Stripe.

Stripe Financial Connections allows you to securely share financial data with our business. Stripe will store your credentials using encryption and use them to regularly obtain the updated account information that you’ve consented to share. Stripe never shares your login credentials with your merchant.

Secure one-way banking connections are made through the platform. There’s no ability to create an actual transaction, move funds, or change your banking settings through your platform account. Once connected, you can only import transaction data, that will be added to your account income and expense record once matched. Any changes or edits made in your accounting will not be reflected in your actual bank account. 

Please note!
Stripe does not sell your financial account information to third parties, including marketers. When service providers obtain your personal data, they can only use it to perform services for Stripe or to comply with legal requirements.



Last updated:
Jun. 21, 2024