How do I require the review of the work that was done by my Service Pro?

The Review Requests option requires all your Service professionals to send maintenance requests for your review before you resolve them.

To enable/disable the requirement for review of requests, go to the Request settings from the main Settings menu. Select the "Automation Settings" tab.

Scroll a bit down to the "Review Requests Settings" section. 

By default, the option is disabled, which means that your Service Pros can resolve requests without your review. Once the “Review requests” toggle button is enabled, Service Pro, who is from your Contacts won’t be able to resolve the request without your review. At this point, you can review the work that was done by the Service Pro and change the status to Resolved to confirm the maintenance request fulfillment or move it to any other status.

Press the Update button to save changes:

A Service Pro, you work with for the first time within the “Find a job” feature, is required to change the request to the “In review” status first. Then, you will want to review the completed work and then mark the request as resolved on your end. 

Last updated:
Mar. 21, 2024