Reporting fraud / unauthorized transactions

If you believe:

  • You have been a victim of identity fraud
  • Your account or account information has been compromised
  • You see any suspicious activity on your Payments powered by Dwolla account or bank statement

Please contact us immediately at support email or create a support ticket. Our support agent will gladly assist you. To better help with any of the above issues, please have the following information when contacting our team:

  • Your name
  • The date(s) of the transaction(s)
  • The amounts of the transaction(s)
  • Any transaction details listed on your bank statement
  • The name of the bank where you are experiencing issues
  • The state where the bank account was created

There are instances where our support team may suggest you reaching out to your local authorities. If this situation occurs please follow the instructions below. 

1. Gather all copies of interactions, receipts and other communication you may have had with the suspected offender.
2. Contact your local police station, in-person or on the phone 
3. Request that the police officer send a subpoena to to gather more information on the account in question

We take these matters extremely seriously and will work with you to understand and hopefully resolve any issues that occur.


Last updated:
Mar. 28, 2022