Why am I being asked for more documentation?

Sometimes Dwolla system will be unable to verify your identity using the information you provide during registration. If that happens, Dwolla may request a state or federally-issued photo ID. Dwolla strives to strike a balance between security and convenience. To create the safest network possible, Dwolla verifies each person to ensure they are a real person and that they are the actual individual creating and using the Dwolla account. 

If we ask for a Photo ID:
The security team determined that Dwolla needs additional information to ensure your account belongs to you. Upload these documents from the Dwolla page.

If we ask for a bank statement:
If you moved money between two bank accounts that are both linked to your Dwolla account, the Security team needs to double-check that you are an authorized signer on both accounts. Upload copies of recent bank statement from both banks from the Dwolla page.

If we ask for EIN or Non-profit documentation

Dwolla needs to verify:

  • the name of your business
  • your business’s EIN
  • that you are an authorized signer for the organization

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Last updated:
Mar. 24, 2022