How do I cancel a transaction?

You can cancel a transaction in any of the following instances:

  • You have sent money to the wrong person in the system
  • You have sent money to an account that has not been completely verified and the transaction is listed as pending
  • You have initiated a transfer FROM your bank account TO your Dwolla account that has not yet been exported from the bank (transactions are exported around 4:00 PM Central Time each business day)

Here’s how to cancel one of the above transactions:

Log in to your account and locate the transaction in the Payments inside the Dwolla settings. Click on the "Details" on the pending transaction and then press on "Cancel" button to cancel the transaction:

Alternatively, you can do it from the main "Accounting" page. Click on the "Pending" transaction that you would like to cancel. 
Scroll down a bit and click the “Cancel Payment” button at the bottom of the details page:

The transaction will now show as canceled on the Activity page. An email will be sent to both the sender and the recipient regarding the cancellation of the transaction.

Please note!
There are a few instances where we cannot cancel a transaction:

  • A transaction has successfully been sent to another Dwolla account
  • A transaction from your bank into Dwolla has already been exported into the ACH network
  • A transfer from Dwolla to your bank account


Last updated:
Mar. 24, 2022