Payment Activity & Searching

Once viewing your Payments powered by Dwolla account and selecting the Payments tab, under the Automatic Transfer section, the first thing you will see is your most recent payment activity if you have any. This activity shows you the transactions that took place on your account and the appropriate status for each transaction (processed, pending, canceled, failed, or reclaimed).
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What does each transfer status mean?

With software, you're able to track all the payments made through the system. You can view all the transaction details including transaction ID, date paid, related transactions and etc.

After you've set up Payments powered by Dwolla, open Online Payments from the Settings menu. Press ''view settings'' button under Payments powered by Dwolla option:

You will see the Payments by Dwolla settings. On the Payments tab, under the Automatic Transfer section click ''details ''  to display the detailed information:

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Why is this transaction still pending?


Last updated:

Mar. 24, 2022