How do I manage uploaded files?

The File Manager is a convenient place to preview, download and delete files. All the files uploaded to your account are automatically saved to the File Manager. You can find it by clicking the "Settings" button in the upper right corner of your account and selecting the All Files option in the File Manager section: 

You will then see all your files throughout the system. Sort the list of uploaded files by their types: All files, or only Images, Documents, Videos. You can also easily find the required file by its name using the search field above:

All files are sorted by date starting from the most recent. Click on the Order arrow to re-sort it from the earliest-latest:

Next to the file, you'll see the Dots menu appear. These are the  “Download,” “Preview,” and “Delete” buttons. Click on “Preview” to see the content of the file:


Last updated:
Nov. 29, 2023