How do I deactivate my account?

You can deactivate your account by going to the main Settings → Online Payments → Dwolla Payments settings page. Press Deactivate Account button and confirm your choice. You can re-activate the account at any time.

Deactivating Payments powered by Dwolla account will:

- end all account activity;

- prevent anyone from sending money to your account;

- stop emails from Dwolla Payments.


How to close my account forever?
If Payments powered by Dwolla no longer suits your needs or you decide that it is not a good fit for you at this time, we will work with you to ensure the proper steps are taken to close your account. Please, reach out to with the request to terminate your account.

Please note! 
Dwolla cannot delete your account entirely*.


* Like all financial services and institutions, Dwolla is required by law to retain customer information for a minimum of five years. The two most applicable regulations are: the Bank Secrecy Act (specifically the Customer Identification Program requirements) and the Treasury Department’s Financial Record keeping Regulations-Section 1020.220. Based on these regulations, Dwolla cannot delete accounts due to the data retention policy in Dwolla's Terms of Service.



Last updated:
Mar. 28, 2022