How do I view/ edit my renter profile?

The Renter Profile is a great tool for tenants applying for a new rental. It's like a reusable application that contains all useful rental history info a landlord needs when making a decision about a potential tenant.

Please note!
Renter profile information is automatically copied to the application form when you apply online. Don't worry - you can edit it at any time.

To view your Renter Profile:

From a computer: Click on your profile picture or username located in the top left corner of your dashboard or go to the Settings (a Gear icon in the right upper corner of the page) and select the Renter profile option.

From the App: Go to more in the menu and click Renter Profile.

There you will see two tabs: Renter Profile and Search Preferences.

The Renter Profile tab allows you to provide/edit the information displayed on your Public Renter Profile website and automatically copied to your application.

On Application details section you can change the date of birth and phone number. Profile Photo; First, Middle and Last names should be updated on the Account Settings page.

Scroll a bit down and on the Personal info section you will be able to provide SSN, Driver License, Driver License State/Region, and information about yourself.

Then you will see the Residence history section. There you can enter information about your current and past homes, including contact information of your previous landlords. You can add up to 10 different residences.

The next section is Pet information where you can add information about pets you will be living with. Provide the name, type, breed, weight of your pet and upload a photo. You can add up to 10 pets.

On the Employment information section, you can specify your current work along with Supervisor information as well as all previous positions. We recommend showing your employment history for the past 2 years. You can add up to 10 different positions.

The next Additional income section allows you to provide the income source and monthly amount.

The Vehicle information section is designed for the any vehicles you own. You can add up to 10 different vehicles.

On the Emergency contact section, you are able to provide details about the person you would like to be contacted in case of an emergency. You can add up to 10 such contacts.

Please note!
Each section has its own update button and it’s active once you update any info.

Search preferences is an important part of the renter profile. It's where you can specify what kind of rental you want to apply for.

Please note!
When the “Looking for a new place” option is off in Search preferences, your renter profile will not be accessible publicly, and the link to it shared outside the system will become unreachable for those who’d like to follow it.

You can go ahead and hit the “View Profile” button near the Public Renter Profile link to see how the information entered in your profile looks like for anyone viewing it.

This is how your renter profile will look like:

On the Search preferences tab, specify the details to find the perfect rental for you. Learn more on "how do I update my search preferences."

Once your renter profile is filled in, you're all set to apply for a new rental. Learn more on "how do I Find a Place" - the tool that helps you browse listings and apply online.


Last Updated:

Mar. 1, 2023