How do I pay rent in advance?

If you want to pay rent in advance but the automatic invoice has not yet been posted, you can generate the next invoice(s) yourself.
Go to the Home section in the left menu. You must have an active lease shared with your landlord or property manager.  If there are multiple active leases, select the needed one at the top of the page. 

Please note! 
The "Pay in advance" option is active only if there is no outstanding balance. This means you cannot generate the next invoice if the current invoice is not paid. 

In the right corner of the account, click on the "Pay in advance" button. You will be redirected to the Tenancy section of the lease preview page. Select "create next invoice" and click "Confirm," if you are certain you want to publish the next recurring invoice earlier. 

The new invoice will be in Open status. Go to "details" and select the "pay online" option, or click directly "Pay online" button at the top right side of the account.   Enter the dollar amount and select payment type. Press the "Pay online" button and confirm the transaction.




Last updated:

Mar. 28, 2022